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White T-Shirt - Promoting 'Looking For a Lion'

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This limited edition t-shirt is being made available thru Dawn Penn dot Net Apparel.Shirt is available in all sizes up to 6x. Full stock is available now.

T Shirts for Da-Beat and the song on Promotion now is"Looking For A Lion" Turnaround time is 4 - 5 days.

Only 15.00

Shipping Cost UK 2.50 Shipping Cost Other 8.00


Calendar April 2014 to March 2015

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The Dawn Penn Calendar for April 2014 to March 2015 that coincided with the Financial Year in the UK. Be the first to have your copy. This one is Exclusive. A Surprise might be in your package.

The Calendar is now available coinciding with the financial year that began April 1st 2014 until March 2015. It is Exclusive from Dawn Penn. Please place your orders now. Thank You.

Only 5.00

Shipping Cost UK 2.50 Shipping Cost Other 8.00

Flyer for the book " Story of My Life"

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This is the FLYER that is used to advertise the Book "Story of my Life for sale in the Kindle Format on Amazon , Barnes & Noble and Sony e books stores. It can be used for Autographs also.


Only 2.50

Shipping Cost UK 2.00 Shipping Cost Other 2.50

Dawn Penn's Vintage CD 2

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The tracks on this Vintage Album 2 were done back in the day by Prince Buster, Duke Reid, Bunny Lee akas Striker Lee, West Indies Records Limited (WIRL) and Boris Gardiner Produced for WIRL now Dynamic Sounds Limited. Derrick Morgan recorded her first original track "When I'm Gonna Be Free" unbeknown to her, the 7" vinyl turned up on Island/Hop label as a rare track and was on auction as well.Don't you dare move that mouse.

Limited offer only. It is not globally available in any more store near you.

Only 10.00

Shipping Cost UK 2.50 Shipping Cost Other 5.00


Dawn Penn's Book "Story of my Life"

StockID - BK002 | In Stock

This book is about Dawn growing-up at 3 locations in Kingston Jamaica. The book was released in the Kindle format on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Sony e books. The hard copy is packaged with a single called "Story of my Life", script of the book and a four track Audio Interview with Mr. Mats Nileskar from the Swedish National Radio.


Only 15.00

Shipping Cost UK 2.50 Shipping Cost Other 5.00